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Who We Are

Nose pinchIt all started simply enough. At the end of a very long lunch, two old friends, tired of being offered the same old bottles, decided to do something about it. Why not, right? It still sounded like a good idea the following day so off we went, our determination and naiveté in perfect harmony.

We would start a company that would pursue unique, unheralded and unusual wines from philosophically small producers the world over. All Ross and I really wanted to do was to drink something different now and again. Most everyone we knew felt the same way. Encouraged by that and our belief to “always underestimate the obstacles,” we decided to take matters into our own hands and go find it.

Here are our initial offerings as well as a new find (Ortrugo) we came across while hard at work in Italy. Click the link if you'd like to see a short, entertaining clip of just how we went about chasing down this lovely, unheralded white.

Don’t laugh. It’s all we can do to convince our wives and accountant not to.

Give us a ring or e-mail us with any questions or orders. We’ll be happy to help on both counts.

Skip D’Amico & Ross Sutherland