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  Asprinio Aglianico Piedirosso Rosato Ortrugo Rosso  

Asprinio label



i Borboni“You must be kidding Alan, another appointment?” I remember distinctly at least thinking that, even if I didn’t actually say it out loud. It wasn’t one of my finer moments after a long, wonderful yet exhausting day of sipping wine and trying to learn how to spit properly. Down Ross and I went into a dimly lit room in the town of Lusciano. My eyes adjusted to see a haunch of ham, some lovely looking cheese, home made salamis, the obligatory breadsticks — and the two Carlos from I Borboni. My mood instantly began to change — for the better.

When, in 2005, we first unearthed Asprinio, we were in awe. You haven’t lived until you have watched grapes harvested from vines bearing fruit 14 or more meters in the air. And you most certainly haven’t lived until you have tasted this wine. It is as far from the average white as the grapes are from the common ground. I Borboni’s version of this most exotic, ancient wine was exceptional, authentic and just the reason I needed to abandon spitting all together that day (Ross never spits anyway.) From the pale, golden yellow color to the clean, pleasing aromas with crispness and lovely roundness in ideal balance — we were hooked.

The exuberance in the room was intoxicating, and for the third time that day, we settled in around a table and began to pull corks. One interesting wine after another was brought to us and our ability to understand Italian without speaking a word was miraculous. And that’s when one of the two Carlos’ produced something they described as “crazy wine” in a small dark brown bottle — but that’s a story for another day.

The wine is aged in steel for 6 months and spends 2 more months in bottle before release. We’ve found it works beautifully with hard cheeses and anything that swims or lies around in the sea, no matter how it’s prepared.

Varietal Asprinio 100%

Classification DOC Asprinio di Aversa

Region Campania

Alc. 11.5%

Vintage 2009